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re: Recruitment Rules

Starry and Nevina are the guild recruitment officers (RO).

The RO is responsible for answering questions, guiding ppl to the website and managing the probationary periods of new applicants.

The RO is now responsible for going out and finding new members, we adhere to the idea that we are all responsible for this and it is by our good behavior and excellence in game that promotes our guild and generates a desire to join our ranks.

It is suggested once a member is ready for full membership consideration the RO place a poll for that member in the applicant’s forum to facilitate easy voting by all officers.

Officers have a right to Veto any application or new recruit (Squire).

Invite procedures:

Known persons: Real Life Friends and family of current officers and full guild members may be invited without first applying to the guild. (During the initial phase of guild growth, this policy is extended to in-game friends such as those from our previous guild). This open policy is to promote our ranks from within as you usually get the best ppl when they are a referral. These applicants should still signup on the guild website. Once invited to the guild; standard new recruit procedures apply.

Unknown persons: Applicants must first submit an application on the guild website. It will be reviewed and approved/declined by the officers within 48 hours of submission. Applicants should contact the RO as to the status of their application. The RO may at his/her discretion approve someone if the officers have not met the 48 hour deadline. (Real Life can get in the way).

Extraordinary people: We will from time to time run across someone who is in the “OMG This person Rocks!” category. This person may be invited to the guild as per the “Known persons” rules provided at least 2 officers agree, note they too must go through the new recruit procedures.

The inviting officer is responsible for noting in the guild tab the date of /ginvite.

New Recruits:

The probationary period will be from 2 to 4 weeks.

While a new recruit, you are expected to signup on the guild website and ‘claim’ your character once it appears in the Guild Roster (usually within a day or two of being /ginvited).

During this period it is recommend you try to get to know your fellow guild mates just as they are getting to know you.

Recruits wishing to join AKP to raid Must raid at least 3 times with the guild (10 or 25 man) before they will be considered for permanent membership.

Denial of an applicant should not be taken as an insult, there are many factors that go into what we feel is a good fit for our community. The same could be said as an applicant evaluates us, we do not hold it against ppl who decide to not continue their formal relationship with the guild.
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